Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Local podcast and walking guide

I mentioned this website a week or so ago....but maybe you didn't bother to click and explore (confession, I didn't have a good ratch around either till last weekend!) After a bit of pleasurable ferreting about I found a couple of audio goodies for mp3 player owners on this page.....a 30 minute documentary ("Discover the world of Garmouth, the fictional setting - real-life North Shields/Tynemouth - of many of Robert Westall's books in this engaging and interesting radio documentary.") AND a 54 minute audio guide for a walk ("This is a 3 mile walk from North Shields to Tynemouth taking in many of the locations featured in the Westall books; The Machine Gunners, Fathom Five, The Watch House etc.....The walk should take around three hours. The guide features book readings, location and local history information and is complete with clearly signalled walking directions.")

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