Saturday, July 26, 2008

Capped.....Interactive Fiction

Recently I "acquired" (no names, no pack drill!) the complete BBC 80s kids scifi 2 series run of "The Tripods"....anyone remember it? (13 hours worth of kitch viewing pleasure that I'm TRYING to keep for a very rainy day!) Coincidently, I came across this piece of interactive fiction that's inspired by the original books. They say......

"Capped uses atmospheric weather conditions and a slowly-scrolling landscape which can be explored with the mouse. The piece was inspired by John Christopher's "Tripods" trilogy and suggests that an alien invasion imagined during the protagonist's childhood may not have been just a fictional game. Many areas of text are blurred or otherwise hard to read between bits of bushes and grass, reflecting the main character's inability to entirely recall his own memories."

Interact here (click on "launch project" button)

More similar projects on the parent site
(via Ample Sanity)

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Anne said...

Dreaming Methods IS rather super, isn't it? And thanks for the mention, which is much appreciated.

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