Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Mother's a tracker for 6 little quackers"...The Sun

Hold the front page!.....
"A mother duck braved traffic and a housing estate during a TWO-MILE chase to rescue her babies from a sewer.
The six ducklings fell down an underground access and were swept away – but mum could not fit through it. So the mallard followed their frantic quacks overground across two main roads and a railway line until they stopped under a manhole in Gosforth, Newcastle.
She then sat quacking loudly for at least four hours until jogger Peter Elliott, 59, and daughter Vicki Jefferson, 30, stopped to see what was wrong with her." Read the rest of this cliff-hanger story here

A BIT LATER, AND VIRTUALLY UNRELATED....The ducky footprints on the map reminded me of when Jimmy Carter visited Newcastle in 1977 (look, it's a long story involving mapping where he could take comfort really don't want to know!) Found this on Youtube, apparently he had an eagle-eyed sidekick who spotted some grafitti on a wall on the way from the airport....

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