Friday, May 25, 2007

Link to NH Wines added

I've added a link to Nicks new venture into the "Drink" section of the Links at the right hand side of the blog. Not a lot of content as yet but that'll no doubt be remedied soon?

From a technical (web design) point of view I hope they're not paying too much.....but then I'm hypercritical! If I put my money where my mouth was I'd do a complete redesign, wouldn't I? But one issue with the website cries out to be mentioned....accessibility, as in allowing for red/green colour blindness. I did an online simulation of the banner image at VisCheck and this is what it would probably look like to wor John.....
....hmmmm, not exactly readable is it? If it wasn't for that slight white drop shadow round the lettering it would just be a muddy mess and definitely not the sort of corporate image I'd want at the top of MY website. By the way, 1 in 10 men suffer from partial to complete colour blindness.....that's a sizeable proportion of the wine buying public!

OK, "Holier than thou" lecture over!, can someone help me down off this high horse.......please?

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