Friday, May 25, 2007

Inspiration for those of you who labour over lunchboxes...

Just watch the pretty pictures (click on any image that particularly takes your fancy for details of the contents, click on the thumbnail image to return to the slideshow) then check out the fridge! I did a double take on one image, it looked like raw liver in the top left-hand box......turned out it was chocolate pudding. Haven't checked out the one that looks like raw chicken's over to you gang!!!

Amazing but true....there's a thriving community of people out there that take daily photos of what they're packing in their lunchboxes.....this is just the tip of the iceburg! And just in case you lust after a trendy number like the one shown you can get one here. For the moment I'm sticking to my trusty faux tupperware, it has a certain retro charm!

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