Thursday, March 29, 2007

Triumph for Northumbria University

It's true.....a Northumbria University student will be representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Eat your heart out Oxford and Cambridge!
From the Uni newsletter, "Insight"......
"David Ducasse, who is in the final year of the Performance degree, is a member of the four-piece band Scooch who were chosen by viewers of BBC1’s Making Your Mind Up to represent the UK at the 52nd annual Eurovision Song Contest. They will perform their song Flying the Flag (For You) at the contest, which is being held in Finland in May. Scooch enjoyed chart success in the late 1990’s and reformed especially for the competition. David is pictured second from the left."
So put your seats in the upright position, fasten your safety belts and prepare for takeoff ladies and gentlemen....

And I'm not sure whether I should even suggest this as a possibility.....but dammit, I will! How about a Eurovision Family Do on Saturday 12th May, Euro food contributions mandatory from all participating parties, fancy dress optional? (bearing in mind there's an in-built damage limitation plan, my TV is a paltry 21in and there ain't no surround sound!)

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