Thursday, March 08, 2007

Family History

It must be spring.....suddenly I feel like delving into our collective past! John suggested ages ago that we should maybe use the blog to post things of historical family interest...personally I think it's a great idea and it doesn't even have to be just the Armstrongs either (I'm sure the 'outlaws' have just as many interesting tales to tell!) I've done a bit of frenzied downloading and some research into sources available locally...and there's a whole lot more than there was a couple of years ago. For example, the Northumberland Record Office has moved in the last few months....they now have a 'state of the art' (their words!) new centre at Woodhorn....have to admit it looks pretty good and well worth a visit....see pic above....they apparently have 4 miles worth of shelved archives covering the whole of the county. Anyone fancy a daytrip to check out the facilities? I'm going to be checking out the the local studies centre at North Shields library tomorrow....the last time I went I was looking for stuff on the coast generally, not family history info. Will find out what they have while I'm there.

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