Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vintage fodder for your ipods

Now me, I'm a sucker for vintage radio (currently listening to "Omar, the Wizard of Persia", that's him up above. Verdict.....bloody brilliant example of high-camp american acting circa mid 30's last century. Favourite quote, "Quiet Jerry, it's the bells....the mystic bells of Omar") Thought you guys might be interested in some of my sources for 'stuff to snooze on the metro to' (all free AND legal)....and not just vintage radio shows!

There's lots of old-time-radio (OTR) downloads available here (including "Omar" should you feel like setting up a discussion group talk about its literary merits in depth!)

Science fiction your bag? Try "The Seeing Ear Theatre"....even though they're American they've made an effort to spell theatre right and they do a damned good drama! Then of course there's that old classic "The War of the Worlds" with Orson Welles

Moving swiftly along to the weird and wonderful (usually vintage jumble sale type material)...and you can't do better than the "365 days project". As suggested by the name a new gem is posted each day this year. The parent site is worth a look too.

Look, there's loads more and not just audio......but I'll wait to see whether anyone is interested before I post the links

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