Friday, February 02, 2007

A couple of new additions to the blog

Over on your right ladies and gentlemen, you'll spot a new addition, it's a sort of 'Instant Messenger' affair. So, given the vague possibility that more than one of us happens to be viewing the blog at any one time (OK, probably VERY vague!) we can chat away in real time and with abandon. Being realistic, it's probably just a temporary visitor....I was just trying the idea out for work! If you want to give it a whirl just type your name in the 'name' box so everyone else knows who's talking (duh!), then type your message in the message box (am I boring you?) and click on the 'tag' button. The newest messages appear at the top. WARNING....if you want to add something more lasting and meaningful use the 'comments' option at the bottom of individual posts....there's no way of saving the tagbox content without paying out hard cash!
I'm also going to try adding 'labels' to posts, it's a way of sorting and searching for particular posts in a blog, more often used in ones that have a much larger volume of posts than this one. Just click on one of the labels at the end of the post and you'll get a full list, at least of the ones I remember to add labels to in future of course, there's also a handy list of labels on the right hand side under the archives....lecture over boys and girls, class dismissed!

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john said...


We use a similar thing at LSC and it works very well meaning we are in touch no matter which office we are located at.

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