Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Gnome Service

The cats are molting (hairballs regurgitated regularly in the small hours, one small one takes about 10 minutes worth of enthusiastic heaving and retching.....believe me, I've timed it) and I've got hayfever (runny eyes and a snotty nose) all's well with the world then, that means it must be summer! It's a bit hazy down at the coast, but still t-shirt weather, so I'm not complaining. Still waiting to hear about the early retirement deal I applied for (the final date for 'them upstairs' informing applicants is next Wednesday, and it's looking increasingly like they'll leave it until the very last minute) so I'm feeling like real life's on hold at the moment....don't want to make any definite plans/book holidays/empty office drawers/live until I hear one way or the other. It's one of those limbo situations.


.....but there's always time for pointless pointandclickery to take your mind off things.....

it's a ten-minute timewaster.....10 gnomes in Bologna, a surprise follow-up to the Find 10 Gnomes series (link to the original 12-parter, year-long project here)

.....and a possible background soundtrack would have to be.......
(but what on earth was David Bowie thinking of?)

1 comment:

Jon Storey said...

There is a remarkable similarity between the first two pictures. The waiting must be very frustrating.

The verification word is 'insaudis', it sounds like the state of limbo you are in!

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