Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No.....not the Med!

not the med, originally uploaded by moclaydon.

BUT, maybe that's what I need, I've got a sneaking suspicion that I might have a dose of SAD....terminal grumpiness, ultimate lethargy and a yearning for anything other than what I happen to have....think I need to buy one of those lamps! Took this pic yesterday on a bit of a sunshiny wander round town, it's the roofline of a semi-derelict building just north of the Tyne Bridge, part of a conservation area (Grainger Town), so let's just call it the Hanging Gardens of Pilgrim St....they won't be pulling it down anytime soon......that's a good thing.


b1tchesbru said...

Apparently, recent research has shown, grumpy people are healthier!

I inherited a SAD light and I like it a lot - it is great for illuminating books when my old people's varifocals can't cope with the low light levels - and it makes a great lightbox for photos when it's miserable outside!

impoftheyard said...

I have a SAD lamp too. I haven't used it according to instruction really but I do use the light for photos. I have been putting it on for a bit in the winter but not sitting as close to it as I should. I have remained in good spirits over the winter.

I got mine from Maplin when it was on special offer. It cost me £35. I have seen ones the same on Amazon for around £50. They can cost hundreds so do shop around. I can't remember what the optimum "lux" value is but I checked on Google before I bought mine and it was fine.

I think we all suffer to an extent when we lose the light in winter. This winter has been particularly bad with such an extended period of snow and staying indoors.

Love your image here.

sleepyduck said...

I wanna go to the Med!

Jan said...

What a lovely looking old building. If it's in a conservation area, maybe they'll do it up... someday!

Jon Storey said...

There are some lovely buildings in that area, it would be nice to see even more of them restored. I remember when the terrace near the old Marlborough Street bus station (where Howards department store used to be) was rebuilt. The wonderful facade was retained and the body of the whole terrace rebuilt.

I have been lent a SAD lamp but not used it yet, I suppose I should. We appear to be a 'SAD' lot!

Well folks, I am off to the Med with SD...!

Teleri said...

Beautiful building. I thought you must have been somewhere near here for a flying visit! SAD is real - that's one of the (many) reasons I moved to the Mediterranean. Even here I notice a distinct difference in mood and well-being on a cloud, damp day.

chaiselongue said...

I don't know what happened to my 'real' name - chaiselongue - in the above comment!

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