Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween lucky dip

There's some lovely vintage Halloween images here (the image above is one of them)

Also worth checking out is the Vintage Halloween Postcard pool for creepy cards.

Monsters in mid-1870s news prints from Pink Tentacle.....

"For a brief period in the mid-1870s, artistic woodblock prints known as “newspaper nishiki-e” were a popular form of mass entertainment in Japan. These colorful prints fed the public’s enormous appetite for sensationalism by retelling shocking stories culled from the major newspapers of the day. The Meiji government swiftly cracked down on the publishers of these “unofficial” sources of information, causing them to disappear as quickly as they had appeared, but not before hundreds of issues had been published and circulated around Japan."

The interactive artwork. Wander/click around a deserted, derelict hospital. As they say "Stay a while, stay forever"

Why not get in the Halloween mood with some Zero Budget Zombie Make-up

Scuttlebuggery is described as "sort of like a game of liquid soccer played between beetles with drops of absinthe and formaldehyde" had me beat, but I rather liked the music, and I'm guessing that if you get past the first level you get to hear more

Who knows, maybe more later......

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