Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tynemouth open-air swimming pool

I spent many a happy (1960's) school summer holiday opened at 10.00am and closed when the clientele drifted away. They sold cups of hot Bovril and parma violets, so we didn't go hungry. The pool water temperature, displayed on a chalk board at the entrance kiosk, was always 10 degrees F warmer than the sea over the wall. I seem to remember that the manager was called Mr Peach, but then again I might be making that up! What I haven't forgotten is the way the slightly mildewed green canvas changing cubicle curtains were magnetically attracted to my bare back and the damp concrete floor sucked at my feet (while seductively whispering "verrucahs")

Watch the (silent, black and white, 1925) grand opening on British Pathe News

A couple of YouTube videos more my era....

But now.......

PS.....I was going to add in a bit about Hawkeys Lane open-air Baths in North Shields but the interwebs failed me......not a picture or a mention to be had!

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