Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh no it isn't.......OH YES IT IS!!

This years Panto at the Priory Theatre Tynemouth.....anyone fancy it? If so, give me a ring with preferred dates and I'll book tickets. Current takers, me (natch!), S, H and D, Ma, Anne and John

Update....and Chris and Bex (Nick said "Er......probably not" boo, hiss to him!!)

Update 2...and Richard, Janet, Laura and Ben. Now all we have to do is settle on a date....I'm on the case!

Update occurs to me that we have a ratio of 3 under-10s to 10 (so-called) grownups, we may have to spread the 'smalls' around to look a push, one child to 3 and a bit adults looks ALMOST normal! But be warned, party frocks, alice bands and clean ankle socks for the ladies/long shorts, scabby knees, clip-on dicky bow ties and a dollup of Brylcreme for the gents MAY have to be declared mandatory! PS.....Grandmas are exempt!!

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