Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Illustrated London News

I found a great new source of vintage pictures today, here's a sample....

"The English ladies' swimming team at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912, winners of the 4 x 100m race, wearing surprisingly revealing swimming costumes. Women swimmers and divers were seen for the first time at the Games, though modesty was the order of the day. Knickers had to be worn beneath silk swimming suits and robes "or overcoacts" had to be worn right up until the moment the starter was ready to state "on your marks" which makes this picture all the more surprising. From left to right: Miss Bella Moore, Miss Jennie Fletcher, Madame Jarvis (trainer), Miss Annie Spiers and Miss Irene Steer."

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Anonymous said...

Annie Spiers is my ancestor. The reason why she's not wearing a Union Jack, and why her hair's still wet, is that she was too busy doing tricks in the pool to show off for a member of the Swedish Royal family to get ready for the photo shoot!

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