Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Heritage Recipe time!

Ma, Anne and I took a sentimental journey to Carlisle on Friday....while we were there Ma was persuaded to buy a recipe book called "Victory Cookbook" by Marguerite Patten (entertaining reading, done in the style of a scrapbook....recommend you check it out next time you're round at her place, especially if you're planning on rustling up a quick "Woolton Pie" for Sunday lunch!)

Anyway, on the way back on the train we got to reminiscing about "memorable family meals"(er....the way you do!) and the unanimous top of the list was "Tyne Brand Irish Stew Curry". We put our minds to it and came up with a possible/probable recipe. THE RACE IS ON TO VERIFY OUR COLLECTIVE MEMORY!!


2 tins TYNE BRAND Irish Stew (surprisingly still available at all the best corner shops!)*
1 diced cooking apple
1 teaspoon (generic!) Coop curry powder
a handful of sultanas
maybe 2T dessicated coconut
2 oxo cubes and enough water to make it 'not sloppy'
salt and pepper

Throw everything in a pan and simmer till the apple is tender but not mush. Serve with boiled rice (and for the true retro taste/texture experience this should be 'pudding' rice boiled to within an inch of it's life!)

*Current ingredients : Tyne Irish Stew (400g) Ingredient declaration Vegetables (40%) (Potato, Carrot, Onion, Peas), Water, Mutton (17%), Modified Maize Starch, Wheat Flour, Salt, Tomato Puree, Lamb Stock Concentrate (contains Flavouring), Flavouring, Black Pepper.

I did a bit of background research (the internet is all-powerful!) and here's a bit of history...

Above is a picture of the Tyne Brand factory a while back....not sure what has happened to it since, it's probably 'exclusive, river-view' flats that none of us can afford now! The company has had numerous owners over the years, here's a paragraph or so from the Westlers website (current company)

"The Tyne brand is a well-established brand, and it started its heritage over 100 years ago in Tyneside at North Shields. The Tyne Brand Company started off with a range of canned fish products. Tyne Brand herrings were famous and were sold all over the world. Then during World War I and World War II the company expanded its range of products to include canned meats.
A number of different companies have owned the Tyne Brand over recent years, including Yeoman, Spillers and Masterfoods, and who can forget the strapline 'No lumps of fat or gristle guaranteed!'
In 2003 Westlers bought the brand from Masterfoods. They relaunched it with a range of canned meat products that built upon the tradition of the brand while updating its image to reflect the demands of consumers. Since taking over the Tyne Brand Westlers has continued to develop the products and stimulate the market with new and exiting products in the range always with Westlers key to success - Quality and Convenience in mind."

Hey, don't forget folks.....that's no lumps of fat or gristle guaranteed!!!

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