Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just in case Anne misses this rousing write-up in the Chronic

Step back in time tomorrow as a host of 70s heartthrobs come to Newcastle. David Essex, David Cassidy, Showaddywaddy and The Osmonds. Thirty years ago you would have been hard-pushed to find these star names in the same place at the same time.Tomorrow, though, at the Metro Radio Arena that will be just what is happening as the Once In A Lifetime Rewind tour arrives in Newcastle.
It follows on from last year's Once In A Lifetime tour, and David Essex is looking forward to being back again."It was great fun when we last did it," says David. "I never met any of them, The Osmonds, David Cassidy or Bay City Rollers, until that show. I don't really deal in nostalgia, I don't do all that. I'm always moving forward, I write songs and put an album out every year and they do really well on the web. But this just seemed quite an intriguing thing to do. And I'm glad I did as it was like a celebration of a generation in a way.All those people that were affected by music in the middle 70s. They all seemed to be there, so it was good. I really did enjoy it.Obviously we'll be playing stuff from the latest album, it won't just be Hold Me Close and the other things. I think you can be a bit too arty in what you think and I did enjoy it last time."
Joining him again will be Jimmy Osmond who, with his brothers, are also looking forward to the tour.
Blah, blah, blah......

He "doesn't really deal in nostalgia".....I beg his pardon?!?!?

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